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Ashleigh's Ordination

It was wonderful to celebrate with Ashleigh as she was ordained deacon on 3rd July, and joins us as curate. Below are some photos from her ordination, and some words of introduction from Ashleigh.


Ashleigh writes:

My full name is Ashleigh Askwith and I am originally from Knutsford. I currently live in Hazel Grove with my husband, Josh, my five year old daughter, Abigail and our two year old Labrador, Bea, Beatitude if in trouble. Josh is the Vicar at Norbury Parish Church.

For the last 3 years I have been training for ordination, firstly at All Saints, which eventually merged into a new college Emmanuel. Originally I was a Pharmacist but took a career break when my husband had the opportunity to do some training in America for ten months. When we returned home I became a Stay-at-Home Mum and had many fun years adventuring with my little one during her first few years. My hobbies include taking photos and walking with my family.

God has been with me throughout my journey. It was a journey that began when I was 18. My Dad at the time was extremely ill at that time and it was a faith in God that helped support me. It has that faith that has helped me through the last 13 years. God has allowed me to learn much about myself. I have grown in a confidence I never expected and I have done things I never thought God would call me to do.

I have two favourite passages in the Bible. The first is Luke 5:17-26, where the man is lowered through the roof to Jesus. I love the idea of the man being lowered through by his community and without his community breaking through the roof he may have never met Jesus. I also love Psalm 139. I love the connection and how deeply and intimately God knows us and yet the Psalm ends in not the way we expect it to. It helps us to explore the need for us to give our loyalty to God.

It is that connection, that community and a continued loyalty to God that I hope to display during my time with you. I look forward to getting to know you all so much better and there is much more to learn about me too.